Pitman´s commercial readers. Senior book.


Year: ca 1920
Place: London
Publisher: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 272
Condition: VG
Cover condition: G
Binding: HC

- An Introduction to Modern Commerce. The most important and valuable Reading Book yet published for use in the Upper Classes in Day Schools and in Evening Continuation Schools. Contains over 160 black and white illustrations, which include reproductions of famous pictures by Lord Leighton, P.R.A., Vicat Cole, R.A., Sidney Cooper, R.A., and Marcus Stone, R.A., together with portraits (reproduced from photographs) of Lord Rothschild, Lord Armstrong, Lord Masham, Sir Alfred Jones, Sir George Williams, Guglielmo Marconi, etc., etc., etc. ; six black and white maps, and a coloured quarto Map of the World, showing the British Empire, the chief Telegraph Cables and Steamer Routes, etc. ; Glossary.