The great earthquake of 1923 in Japan - 2 volumes complete


Year: 1926
Place: Japan
Publisher: The bureau of social affairs home office Japan
Printer: Rentaro Shima
Edition: 1st
Language: EN
Pages: 620 + 7 diagrams+11 maps 
Condition: VG
Cover condition: G
Binding: HC
Illustrated: pictures in black and white, maps and diagrams in colour

- Volume 1: The great earthquake of 1923 in Japan.
Imperial Edict on Reconstruction.
Imperial Edict enjoining Sincere and Strenuous Life.
The Crown Prince's Message.
Full Page Illustrations.
Illustrations in the Text.
Section I.- Prefatory Remarks.
Section II.- Seismic Disaster in Tokyo.
Section III. - Yokohama and Other Districts.
Section IV.- Rellef Work and Supplies.
Section V.- Foreign Sympathy and Assistance.
Section VI.- Survey of the Disastrous Earthquake.
Section VII.- Loss of Works of Art and Objects of Historical Interests:
Loss of Works of Art and Objects of Historical Interests.
Loss of Rare Rooks and Libraries.
Section VIII- Ordinances and Laws incidental to the Disaster.
- Volume 2: Companion maps and diagrams to the great earthquake of 1923.
Plat I: Diagram Showing the Condition of Damage Caused by the Seismic Disaster.
PIat II: Diagram Showing Comparative Number of Households in the Devasteted Zone in Tokyo and Yokohama Cities (by kind of damage).
Plat III: Diagram Showing Ratio of Population in Devastated Districts and Kind of Damage.
PIat IV: Diagram Showing the Ratio of Sufferers Housed in Relief Camps and Sheds.
PIat V: Diagram Showing Gradual Diminution of Relief Recipients.
Plat VI: Diagram Showing Ratio of Afflicted Households in Devastated Districts and Kinds of
Plat VII: Diagram Showing Distribution of Victims(on November 15, 1923).
Plat I: Map of Districts Along the Coast of Tokyo Bay & Sagami Sea Showing the Perpendicular Changes of Substratum in the 1923 Earthquake.
Plat II: Chart of Sagami Bay Showing Changes in the Depth of Water Subsequent to the Great Earthquake of Sept. 1, 1923 (in the Middle of Sept.)
Plat III: Map of Tokyo Showing Devasted Area.
Plat IV: Map of Yokohama Showing the Devastated Area (in the Middle of Sept.)
Plat V: Map of the Quake-Stricken Districts Showingthe Landslide Zones in the Forest Districts in the 1923 Earthquake.
Plat VI: Map Showing the Posts of the Garrison Force in Tokyo and Outlying Districts where Martial Law was Enforced in Connection with the Disaster (on September 3rd) (on October 20th).
Plat VII: Map Showing the Distribution of Supply Depots in Tokyo and Neighbourhood (in the Middle of Sept.)
Plat VIII: Diagram Showing the Operations of the Warships Engaged in Relief Work in the Disaster (A. Movement of the Combined Squadron).
Plat IX: Diagram Showing the Operations of the Warships Engaged in Relief Work in the Disaster (B. Movement of other Warships & Special Service Ships).
Plat X: Diagram Showing the Operations of the Warships Engaged in Relief Work in the Disaster (C. Movement of Destroyers, Submarines and other Craft).
Plat XI: Map showing the Outline of the Reconstruction scheme of Tokyo.