ZERO avantgarde 1965-2013


Year: 2014
Place: Milano
Publisher: SilvanaEditoriale
Edition: 1st
Language: IT-EN-GE
Pages: 192
Condition: FN
Cover condition: FN
Binding: HC

- Galleria Christian Stein.

- The ZERO Group formed in 1957, aiming to return to a zero point of art, which would take into account an atomic, spatial and dynamic world. At this time, the German media and art world seemed largely uninterested in the postwar neo-avant-garde artwork that had evolved, prompting two young artists, Heinz Mack and Otto Piene, to establish their own Dusseldorf studio. They would invite other artists to exhibit for single nights at a time, and from these informal meetings, ZERO developed, particularly taking root in Italy.

ZERO: Avantgarde 1965-2013 offers an introduction to this artistic movement, which includes artists such as Piero Manzoni, Lucio Fontana, Agosti Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Dadamai and many others. Extended accounts from the movement's founders and participants accompany archival documentation of their meetings and exhibitions, providing an intimate view of their philosophy and practices.